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The school was established in 1968. The school gate faced Min-sheng South road, so the school was named Min-sheng Junior High school. All the principals from the beginning are Zhen-ming Chen(Aug. 1, 1968 ~ Jul. 31, 1980), Zong-jen Chen(Aug. 1, 1980 ~ Jul. 31, 1988), Ming-li Huang(Aug. 15, 1988 ~ Aug. 20, 1993), Yi-hou Yu(Aug. 21, 1993 ~ Aug. 20, 1998) and Yi-ten Kuo(Aug. 21, 1998 ~ ).

In 2003, our school moved to a new building on Xin-min Road.

Common classrooms and special training classrooms all face to north or south, attaching importance to the natural light and ventilation; the northern red building offers the classrooms for the first grade students and the front white building is offered for administration.

Chess Square is used as a playground, a show platform, and a place for rally.

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School address : NO.601 Xin-min Road, Chaiyi City (map)
E-mail address: info@msjh.cy.edu.tw
Featured Events: CYMSJH International Safe School 2011.02.25

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